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  1. Which is the best oppo vivo mi LG Samsung?

At present it is not possible to walk for a moment without a phone. And that’s why we keep thinking about which phone to use, which brand of phone to use, which phone will be the best budget. So now it is seen that all types of phones are the same and there is no difference easily. But if you notice, you will understand, which brand of phone gives you more secure. Updated every month. That’s why your phone doesn’t get old easily. So I will recommend samsung moblie. And there is an advice for you, you look at the phone without looking at the company. Take a closer look at everything. Hope you got the answer. And if you have any question, you can do it through question hub article, I will try to answer. If you comment on our website, you will get the answer from there.

2. How to get review units for free from realme?

If you have a channel on YouTube and you are wondering how to review a phone from any phone company, then read the article at the end.

First you need to have more viewers on your channel. If there are more viewers, the review unit will find you by itself, you don’t have to bother for this. And if your channel is small, and viewers are few, then go to the phone store of the phone you want to review and ask them for the phone. In return tell them you will promote their shop for free. This way you can slowly grow your YouTube channel.

3. How many realme user in world?

As of June 2020, Realm’s global smartphone users reached 35 million, and sales of AIOT audio products broke a record 1 million.
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4. Business Club website not opening what’s the problem?

➡️Check if there is any problem in the ssl certificate of the website.

➡️Check if the website is well designed.

➡️Check if the website is well designed.

If the problem is not fixed, you can contact us.

5. Can I sell my app to someone else even if it is not registered at Google Play store?

In addition to website designing, app designers are now highly valued. And by creating a good quality application, you can sell it on different platforms. Initially, there is no problem if you can not create an account in the play store. You can submit your app on Amazon, Aptoide and other big third party app stores. If you need any help in this regard, you must let us know in the comments.

6.My blog is not indexed in Google search how can I fix it?

If you can’t find your site by searching, then submit your website to google search console. And along with the website, you must submit the xml sitemap. If you still have problems, you can contact us.

7.How long time take a blog for showing on Google search engine I made a blog which is 4 day old?

No need to worry if your blog post doesn’t show up on Google search engine. You continue your blogging. Because there are thousands of blog posts on the same topic. It is very difficult to rank your post inside. So you continue to work with your website.

8.Email/Gmail app not working? Fixed Up from youtube.

Email / gmail app may show an error due to any problem with the phone. For this go to the setting option of your mobile. Click on manage application. Clear email / gmail data. Come back. Force stop. Now restart the phone. Thank You.