About US

Mobile is a very important device in the present age. We can’t imagine a moment without mobile. And we all want our mobile to be the best phone in the budget. so we visit YouTube or various websites to see reviews of new phones. This is why our website (mobilepriceinbd.com) gives the updated price and specifications of the mobile.

What is our purpose

Our main purpose is to show you the right path.We are always trying to buy you a good device. All the phones we recommend have been published on our website. And we do not publish any phone on our website that you can cheat if you buy.Mistakes can be made, but you will be given the opportunity to correct them in the comments.

What kind of service do we provide?

mobilepriceinbd.com is a new website. so we are currently reviewing the best budget segment phones. We provide price and review of Bangladesh. Bangladesh update price is given for all phones. I will try to do more in the future if I get your love and blessings.

Time to provide our services

We do not provide any services that you need to contact us. However, since we do various websites with mobile, if anyone thinks you can contact us. There is a following button for the message. Interested people can contact there. And those who have any problem, if you contact us, I will try to solve it. Our Email No- mdfahimhabib759@gmail.com, mdfahimhabib029@gmail.com

Contact us at any time for any issues, and we’ll reply when active.